The Tobacco Research Board launched a new float seedling growth media called GromixPlus which is a pest & disease free, 100% Organic Medium to assist the horticultural, tree and agricultural industry to produce high quality seedlings
Unlock maximum value with the new Kutsaga GromixPlus

What is Kutsaga GromixPlus

Kutsaga GromixPlus is a superior and quality soilless pine bark substrate produced locally at Charter Estate, in Chimanimani, under the supervision of trained and experienced Kutsaga personnel, fully supported through technical advice by researchers from various research Divisions. It is produced under a controlled process whereby freshly milled pine bark is artificially composted and then calibrated through a series sieves to produce a disease and nematode free perfectly balanced medium.

The substrate is optimally produced for use as growing medium for horticultural, tobacco and tree seedlings. It has the appropriate particle properties that permit gaseous exchange, moisture availability and root support during the growth of the seedlings. Furthermore, Kutsaga GromixPlus has a stabilized and controlled pH between 5.5 and 6.5 and cation exchange capacity (CEC) between 6 and 15 meq/100cc to ensure nutrient availability to the seedlings.

Kutsaga GromixPlus is packed in plastic bags to retain the 50% moisture content of the media. If the Gromix Plus dries below 35% moisture content, it becomes hydrophobic and will require a non-ionic wetting agent to improve the initial wetting. Sixty (60) litres of media are packed into the plastic bag and each bag fills twelve (12), 242 cell trays.

Media handling, preparation and tray filling

Media handling, preparation and tray filling are management practices that can influence some of the basic properties of media such as porosity, which is the ability to allow gaseous exchange and the availability of moisture to roots. Compaction of media should be avoided at all costs and the amount of water to be added prior to tray filling is dependent on the initial media moisture content and the degree of composting. Comprehensive instructions on media handling, preparation and tray filling are clearly spelt out on the Kutsaga GromixPlus bag.


The mission of the commercial entity of the Board is to consistently satisfy clients through the development and provision of quality and innovative goods and services. Satisfying clients also involves ensuring a wide distribution network of the products for the convenience of the clients. Currently, the Board’s products are available at Kutsaga, auction floor kiosks and Farm & City outlets in Karoi, Mvurwi, Chinhoyi, Bindura, Mt. Darwin, Marondera, Rusape and Chegutu. However, the Board envisions its products being available in all cities, towns and growth points around Zimbabwe for easy access by its clients and is actively working towards that goal.

Clients’ Comments

Below are comments from growers who have had the opportunity to use the new Kutsaga GromixPlus in tobacco, horticultural and gum seedling production since it was introduced onto the market.

• I produce tobacco and gum seedlings and the response I get from Kutsaga GromixPlus is really good and I can strongly recommend it to any grower.
- Guzzies Seedlings, Harare

• I am using this product. This superb product takes care of all the problems I previously experienced with the old media such as over wicking due to over-packing, excessive density and inconsistent particle size distribution and inconsistent weight. It is almost impossible to over-pack this product and constant floating is guaranteed leading to much improved growth of seedlings. It is a must use for those considering the float tray system which is the way to go for tobacco seedling production and other horticultural crops.
- Zivanai Mudzengerere, Banket

• The new Gromix Plus has produced tremendous results in the germination and growth rate of seedlings in seedbeds. Seedlings from the new Gromix Plus are of the highest quality and I am happy to say I have never produced seedlings of this standard ever since I started tobacco production 13 years ago.
- Colonel Mubengiye, Macheke

• The new Gromix Plus is a pleasure to use and has value for money. This seedling growing medium has several advantages namely; its maturity makes it easy to mix, easy tray filling, does not harbor insects such as cutworms, weed free, easy water penetration and above all the packaging makes transportation easy and cheap. It gives a good seed germinating environment.
- Mr. Makina, Herne Farm, Beatrice

• The recently introduced 100% organic Kutsaga Gromix medium for raising seedlings has been a blessing in my horticultural nursery business. It incredibly enhances the growth and health seedlings like I haven’t seen before. For those nurseries that have not tried the medium I urge you to do so and see the results for yourself.
- Mrs Badze of Badze garden Nursery, 16 Metcalf Rd. Greendale