The Board has a modern factory that produces float seedbed trays. This is situated at Kutsaga Research Station in Harare. The factory has got a capacity to produce 700 000 trays annually

Tray sizes:
The trays are available in three sizes:
128 Cell - Suitable for seedlings that require more root development like trees
200 Cell - Suitable for horticulture seedlings like tomatoes, cabbages, onion, lettuce etc
242 cell - Similar to 200 cells, the advantage is that it provides more seedlings

Float trays can be reused for 3 - 4 seasons. Proper handling facilities are required for them to last long

Selling points
Kutsaga Research Station and all Farm & City outlets in Zimbabwe

Contact Details: +263 (0)24 2575289-93, +263 (0)24 2575237, +263 (0)24 2575414, +263712886946, +263712881814, Toll Free: 0800 4511

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