Kutsaga Mobile App

TRB develops Tobacco Production Mobile Phone App The Tobacco Research Board’s (TRB) mission is to develop and provide elite varieties and innovative agro-based technical services and products in order to maximize economic value from sustainable tobacco production. A rapid increase in the number of tobacco growers in Zimbabwe demanded faster and more effective information dissemination to enable best practices for profitable tobacco farming. Tobacco farming information that reaches the farmer late is not of much use to the farmer. It is, with this background that the TRB embarked and developed a mobile phone app which is now available for download on Google Play and Apple iTunes. It is hoped that this mobile phone app will act as a useful guide, and a grower’s companion providing tobacco production information literally at the tap of a fingertip. This mobile phone app is, intended to assist extension workers, contractors and growers and to complement other available TRB publications such as the Tobacco Handbook of Recommendations which should be consulted. Growers are also encouraged to consult TRB staff on any aspects of tobacco culture. Advice and assistance is provided free of charge to any person growing tobacco in Zimbabwe. The TRB also provides free walk-in calendar based practical training sessions at Kutsaga Research Station every Wednesday, throughout the tobacco production year. The information in this mobile phone app arises from cumulative research experience. It is hoped that this mobile phone app is a relevant, informative and valuable addition to the knowledge body on tobacco production in Zimbabwe that will enhance the use of Information, Communication Technologies (ICTs) in tobacco production. The Board welcomes and appreciates comments from users of this mobile app.