Every year the TRB welcomes various groups from High Powered Delegations, local Universities, Colleges and Schools that come to tour the TRB as a way of getting acquainted to the research engine of the tobacco industry and for the scholars to appreciate the practical application of theoretical knowledge gained from their respective areas of learning, and also to appreciate some of the careers that one can pursue in scientific research.

Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Lands, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development – June 2017

Air Force of Zimbabwe Officers – June 2017

ARDA Chaiperson – Mr Basil Nyabadza – June 2017

RBZ Deputy Governor Dr. K. Mlambo – July 2017

Head of Finance – Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development - July 2017

Universal Leaf Tobacco – Vice-President Agronomy – Mr Lea Scott – March 2017

CEO TSL – Mr. Matsaira – March 2017

Chairman of BBIC China – October 2017

Premium Tobacco Tunisia – May 2017

Bindura University of Science Education – Jan 2017

Midlands State University – April 2017

University of Zimbabwe – April 2017

Mutare Polytechnic – April 2017

Gateway High School – August 2017

Rusununguko High School – September 2017

Blackfordby College – October 2017