The Zimbabwean tobacco industry exports most of the crop each year to manufacturing companies worldwide. To assist growers select the appropriate pesticides that does not leave unacceptable levels of pesticide residues on the leaf and ensure Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in tobacco production, all pesticides formulation recommended for use on tobacco first undergo: laboratory screening, efficacy tests against already registered pesticides under field conditions, tests to determine the most effective rate of application, the best method of use and residue analysis.

Pesticides used on tobacco in Zimbabwe must be registered by the Department of Research and Specialist Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development, following approval by the Tobacco Research Board in terms of the Tobacco Marketing and Levy Act (Chapter 18:20). The Act clearly states that: "No person shall treat any tobacco with a remedy which is not registered nor reap or offer for sale any tobacco treated with a non-registered remedy" (Section 65) and "Any tobacco so treated will be destroyed without compensation to the grower" (Section 66).
Growers must, therefore, ensure that they fully adhere to these requirements or risk losing their entire crop. The TRB Pesticide Approval Scheme is intended to maximize value from tobacco growing by assisting tobacco growers in selecting appropriate pesticides and ensuring that Zimbabwean tobacco meets the international demands for a residue-free export crop.

Kutsaga continuously conducts extensive screening of pesticides for use on tobacco to ensure that the pesticides are used:
    1. at the minimum effective dosage;
    2. at an appropriate time of application, thus maximizing their effect;
    3. with the best and safest method of application; and
    4. with the minimum of residues in the cured tobacco.

The agrochemicals approved for use on tobacco during 2014 are available for download here

Growers who are offered agrochemicals not included on this list, or who require further information, should contact:
 Tobacco Research Board - Plant Health Services Division on telephone 04-575 289-94 or toll free 0 800 4511.