The Tobacco Research Board is inviting tobacco growers to attend calendar-based theoretical and practical training sessions on various aspects of tobacco growing at Kutsaga Research Station every Wednesday. The training commences at 0900 hrs and is expected to last two hours. The commercial and research crops at Kutsaga will be used for these participatory and practical training sessions. 

For growers wishing to train at venues in the tobacco growing districts, prior arrangements should be made with the Field Services Division on 04-575289-94/ or toll free 08004511.
    o Free calendar-based training sessions.
    o Demonstration sites in tobacco growing areas.

Calendar based training

This programme has been tailor made to align with tobacco production activities in the tobacco production cycle. Emphasis is therefore put on participative interactions on practical hands-on experiences supported by theoretical research underpinnings. This programme emphasizes adopting a hands on learning approach on the production processes through the farmer to field school concept to foster GAP in tobacco production where virtually all production processes are carried out by the local participants on selected sites across all tobacco growing districts. Demonstrations These programmes emphasizes on visual appreciation of new technologies and varieties Information dissemination This programme involves promulgation of research findings, products and services through public fora such as agricultural shows, circus meetings, field days, sales and information kiosks and workshops.